Wine Trip!

Haha, yesterday afternoon, five of us (Myself, Henry, Jeremy, Misty, Misty's Mom) went out to three wineries, and had a great time! I had already gone to all three of them, and I picked them out in particular because they weren't too far, and they all had sweet wines that someone just starting out might like (*ahem*, Misty!). We started out with Cherry Valley (15 mins from home!), then went to Franklin Hill (191 exit off 33), and finished off at Alba (first exit off 78 into New Jersey, head south). So yeah, we started by home and moved south. Fun times!

Mother Nature is having mood swings

It was feeling like spring all week. My mom said on Tuesday that we were getting snow Friday, but I couldn't believe it. Temperatures were so high that I was actually willing to go outside without my jacket. People were opening windows at work, and I thought it was pleasantly warm inside. I was welcoming Spring, even though I hadn't gotten as much out of Winter as I really wanted, especially with its late start. Then we get hit with this snow.

Walking through the Drive Through

I've always wondered what happens when you do that. Tonight, we were out walking, and we discovered that Friendly's was closed. So we went next door to the Arby's, and noted that the doors were locked, but the drive through was still opened. So we went over to the drive through and made our order that way! It was pretty funny, and I wonder what the driver of the car behind us was thinking. I should really start remembering to carry my camera with me, because it would've made some nice pictures. Oh well, fun times!

Winter's Trying

I wanted to post something when we got the 7 inches or so before, and then I wanted to post something when we got another snow storm last Sunday, and then I wanted to post about the rain that came last Thursday night. Unfortunately, I missed all that, so I'm just going to summarize, I guess. I got new tires in time for everything I just mentioned, so I haven't been having any problems driving in the snow. In fact, it's been kinda fun. Last Sunday, a bunch of us went out to a restaurant despite the snow storm. We even had a snowball fight outside in the parking lot before leaving!

Super Bowl Commercials

On Sunday, I went to a Super Bowl party and probably spent about maybe 5 minutes total watching the tv (ok, maybe 10 minutes at the most). Other than that, I was outside with a huge bonfire! I would have pictures, but I seem to have misplaced my camera.

Last night, I went online and caught up on the commercials I missed, and I just decided to comment on some of them. Out of all of them, these were my favorites, along with quotes:
Bud Light - rock paper scissors
"I threw paper"
"I threw a rock!"

Don't drive through snow without decent tires!

That's what I just did last Friday evening, and I couldn't make it all the way home! Basically, two hills got in the way. I didn't make it all the way up the first hill, so I started to back down. But the hill wasn't even, so the front end of the car kept sliding over to the left and hitting the embankment. I realized that each time I tried, the car would turn more and more sideways, which was making backing down rather difficult. Then, while sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I saw headlights starting to shine over the top of the hill!

Winter is finally here

It's like it's been Fall here until just last Friday, when we actually got some snow, and I think it took some ppl by surprise. There apparently were a lot of accidents Friday, including three tractor trailers on 80. Since then, Winter's been reminding us that it really is here with a little bit of snow here and there. I'm not sure what I think of it. I don't like the cold; that's why I don't like Autumn. It brings low temperatures without any snow, which is just about the only redeeming quality of Winter, in my opinion.

Visited my Grandmother

Hi, I'm posting this from within our car right now. I'm heading back home from Pittsburgh. We just visited my grandmother and my aunt and her family. It's been quite some time since we've been there, and it was fun. We played Cranium, and I discovered that the way we've been playing at Josh's wasn't quite right. Specifically, you never roll when you get a wrong answer, not even when you're on a purple brain (yeah, the instructions were actually pretty tricky about the matter). Whatever the case, unfortunately, I was on one of the losing teams.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks

I'm sure most of you know by now that Beth, my sister, was reinstated. Her friend, Amanda, was also announced back in the same night, two weeks ago. That night, I went to Dale's, because they were having a little get-together for Amanda.

It's late, and I'm not tired yet

Yeah, I'm sitting here with my laptop and thinking about the things I've been meaning to post.

My trip went very well. I never posted about the dry ice we played with on Friday and Saturday. We bought lots of it, and found some pretty cool things to do with it: