Swimming with the Dolphins

No matter how hard I try, I can't get any good pictures of dolphins! (my camera has a waterproof case) It started on Tuesday, when we were on kayaks. We spotted dolphins and started paddling like mad to get to them. It was so cool! They were all around us! But I didn't have my camera! After they passed, I went to shore and ran inside to get my camera, and ran back out and into the kayak. But then it turned out my camera battery was dead!

Hello from Emerald Isle, NC

Big waves are the best! Click the image to view the video:

(yeah, the movie is short for the file size)

Haha, more later..

My Labor Day Weekend

I've been wanting to post about how my weekend went, but I kept putting it off, and now it's Friday! It was a very busy weekend.

New Jersey Wineries

Last weekend, I decided to check out some New Jersey wineries, and had an interesting trip! I went into New Jersey on 78 and stopped first at Alba Vineyard, then, after getting back on 78, I took 31 south down through Flemington and went right by work. I continued on 31 and hit Amwell Valley Vineyard, Unionville Vineyards, and Hopewell Valley Vineyards. All these vineyards are either on my way from home to work, or from work to my sister's home. I got two wines (a dry red, and a sweet wine) from each of them, except for the last one, where I just got a dry red wine.

I'm back from West Virginia

For the past week, I was down in Wayne County, West Virginia, preaching in unassigned territory. We just drove back up here today. It was a lot of fun, and I've got plenty of stories if I can remember them all. I'm going to have to collect my thoughts and maybe post some here.

God's plans for the future?

I just went out in service today, handing invitations to our Convention. I met a guy who was apparently totally turned off to the bible, and probably anything related to it. His reaction was something like "God's plans for the future?? I'll show you God's plans for the future. I've been to Iraq four times! You guys have no idea what you're talking about. Get out of here." He did take the invitation, which I thought was kinda odd.

I played with fire, and I got burned

You may or may not have heard by now that I burned my chin. I got a little careless blowing fire two saturdays ago. I've concluded that my two biggest mistakes were that I was doing it in daylight, and that I let the alcohol get/stay on my chin. As a result, I got closer to the flame than I knew, and the alcohol on my chin caught fire. I reacted bad and put my hands on my face, probably reacting to the rising heat. Whatever the case, I got what appeared to be second-degree burns. By now, it's been healing up pretty good, and I expect all the scabs to be gone by the weekend.

The irony of the Fourth of July

I just think it's so ironic that, in celebration of a holiday meant to commemorate the birth of this country, people opt to break the laws of said country and buy lots of huge (illegal) fireworks.

Actually, I wish such laws weren't in place, because I believe that as long as people aren't stupid with fireworks, they should be able to handle them without major issues. Also, I just wanna get at 'em :-P

"The worst he can do is bite you"

I was coming out of the hall after my meeting, and there was a group of people standing just inside the doors like something happened. My mom was one of them, and she told me there was a big dog outside. Then I heard Bro Mason - "The worst he can do is bite you!" Oh, is that it?? Let's all go then!

Waiting on my car

Yeah, my car's getting looked at, and I'm sitting in the waiting room with my laptop, passing the time by. :-P

I wanted to make a post here back when we had the assembly. It was a good one. Then I wanted to make a post a couple weekends ago when I had some fun jumping off swings and a umm..grassy ledge? (whatever you wanna call it - the ground was level, dropped off a bit, and then was level again - i would take a running start and a flying leap). Unfortunately, I don't remember what all I wanted to say about these past weeks.