Lightning is Cool!

Haha, I'm out at the crossings, and there was this really bright flash, followed by the loudest bang! It was so funny seeing everyone's reactions!

I hate being tired

I'm too tired to do anything, but I don't want to sleep. I hate when that happens. Then I was thinking about this site and I realized it's been a while since I've posted here, and as usual, there are lots of things I've been wanting to comment on.

Crazy Programmer

Hey, as usual, I'm posting later than I intend to, and I forgot most of what I wanted to say. I had to do Jury Duty yesterday, and I met someone from Vo-Tech. He didn't know who I was at first, but he thought I looked familiar. When I told him my name, he said "oh, you're that crazy programmer". :-P

Pizza is Good :-P

Well, it looks like i'm visiting a different hall this week. My meeting was moved to yesterday. Unfortunately, my local taxes weren't done, and i wasn't sure if they were already due. So after work, i got stressed out with both, cause the meeting was starting too soon. Eventually, i gave up on both and got a pizza :-P

Dale's Wedding Reception last Saturday

I had to post something on it. I'm sorry I waited this long. It was a lot of fun. Dale has a very interesting family. I was the best man, which was an honor. I just wish I knew more about weddings, and how these things are traditionally done. Weddings are hard! Dale's wedding was small, but his reception was bigger. I'd say it worked out, though, and I'm certain they got memories out of it. It'll be nice if I get pictures in digital format, so I can make a site for them. I took barely any, myself, which is a first. I wish I'd taken some, tho.

It's been too long

Hey, what's up! There isn't too much to say, but I wanted to get something out, because it's been a while. I just went skating and then eating last night. That was lots of fun, even if not everyone was into my hot pepper (i really shoulda brought the sauce). I came up with a new stunt with fire, but I prolly won't do it too much more often, since I discovered the next morning that my tongue was a little blackened. Other than that, work is good. Life is fine. I guess there isn't much more to say.

William Allen High

That's Max's school. He was dancing on stage there. It was really cool! I can see why people go for that sort of thing. The music was good, too. Right now, I'm at a diner down here having lots of fun!

More Fire

I guess the reason why I like to play with fire is a matter of risk vs reward. The reward justifies the risk for me. I don't see a lot of risk, and the reward is that I get to have some fun.

Here's my latest picture:

That's burning rubbing alcohol on my hand. It doesn't hurt unless it's on there too long, and I dunked my hand in water when I wanted to put the fire out.

Fire is Fun!

If you're not on dialup, click the image to animate:

Just wait til I get some more practice!

Illegal Immigrant Strike?

This has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of:

"Those who work in the food business and elsewhere are being urged to strike Tuesday to prove their role in the economy."