SuperBowl Commercials

I actually did not watch the Super Bowl, and it looks like I missed some pretty good commercials. Fortunately, it turns that they're all online anyway:

At the bottom of the page, there are links to alternate sites to view the commercials on. Choose whichever one you prefer!

I was watching them last night when I should've gone to bed. I have no idea which is my favorite, cause I liked so many of them!

This site is really shaping up

I think I'm about ready to start making real posts soon. The look is almost final. I want to make a background image for the top, and then that should be it. After that, I'll be telling everyone to come here. If you're one of those people (which you almost certainly are if you're reading this), then Welcome and come back soon!

Please post comments so I can know people are reading this.

Welcome to the real new!

Well, I moved from Nucleus to WordPress to Serendipity, and now I think I'm gonna stick with Serendipity. I ran it on my computer here before putting it up to make sure it was exactly what I was looking for.

So yeah, soon I'll have it looking better, and I hope to start posting very regularly.