upgraded to Drupal 7

So now it's nearly two years later, and I haven't added any new posts. Much has happened, but it certainly hasn't happened on this site. I hope to change that, starting with this upgrade.

Now I'm using Disqus for comments instead of all those customizations I had before, so commenting should be much easier (at least one person reported having trouble with it). The downside is all old comments are gone. All one of them. I might import it into Disqus at some point. is now running under Drupal

This site used to run under Serendipity, which I still think is great for blogs, except I just wasn't engaged. I ended up leaving it stagnant for over a year without even applying any updates to the software. I don't even know if it ever got any security vulnerabilities.

Wasabi Sauce

If other methods don't work so well anymore to get you energy (coffee, energy drinks, etc), try wasabi sauce by a spoon. I had a small mountain of the stuff. I was tired before I tried it.

Snow in October

Yeah. It's October. And it snowed today. I don't think this was the first time I've seen it happen (on this part of the planet), but it's still weird and surprising.


I bought a kayak. I'm ready for some fun times!

dpi vs file size

I felt the urge to post this after a way-too-long discussion with someone else about dpi, images, and file size. It seems there was some sort of a misunderstanding, and in retrospect I'm going to guess he was thinking about scanning an image, and I was thinking about saving an image again that had already been scanned.


Hi, I thought this was funny:

If you don't get it, google "lolcats". If you do get it, google it anyway just to get a good laugh!

Long time no see

Yeah, it's been wayy too long since I've posted here. What's up? If you know me, and we don't talk much for whatever reason, my contact info is here, so feel free to try to reach me! I didn't really have much in mind to say in this post. Much has happened since my past post, of course, but most of it is old news by now. I really need to give my personal sites more attention. Anyhow, I'll post back soon!

I'm still around

Hey, I decided to throw something on here just to show that I haven't forgotten about this website. I've been meaning to post all kinds of things since around last May sometime, but I'd keep putting things off and forgetting them. Now I've really forgotten what all was gonna go up here, so I guess I gotta start fresh.

FrozenRock is...coming..but I'm sure a good percentage of you won't believe it until you see it. I don't blame you. But it is coming...