For the past week, I was down in Wayne County, West Virginia, preaching in unassigned territory. We just drove back up here today. It was a lot of fun, and I've got plenty of stories if I can remember them all. I'm going to have to collect my thoughts and maybe post some here.

On our way back, we actually met a group of Witnesses in Maryland! It was so coincidental. Most of the group ate at Subway, but Josh, Jamela, and I went across the parking lot to Pizza Hut. While we were sitting there, we looked over at a large group of people all dressed up and conducting themselves nicely. We were wondering if they were Witnesses, and then we finally went up and asked. We were all so excited, and we took lots of pictures and exchanged contact information! I ran to the Subway and back again because I left my memory card for my camera in the car. While I was there, I told the rest of the group that we met Witnesses, so they came over soon after. It turned out that some of them were local, and some of them had come over to the area to help distribute invitations for the upcoming District Convention - our district convention! Small world!

So yeah, this was a week of excitement, and now home seems so boring. I'm actually finding myself wishing I was still back down there. Well, I guess I'll talk to everyone later!