Personal website for Seth N Sticco Has Been Changed to a Static Site

Hi, it's been years and the only thing I've been doing with this site was applying security updates for Drupal. I got tired of the updates, so I decided to convert this to a static site, and redesign it in the process.

This site is hosted at Netlify now, and I'm using Nuxt.js to generate it. I haven't yet decided what the future of this site will be, but I've put my contact information literally in the front and center, because that's the most useful thing here for now. Feedback is welcome! upgraded to Drupal 7

So now it's nearly two years later, and I haven't added any new posts. Much has happened, but it certainly hasn't happened on this site. I hope to change that, starting with this upgrade. is now running under Drupal

This site used to run under Serendipity, which I still think is great for blogs, except I just wasn't engaged. I ended up leaving it stagnant for over a year without even applying any updates to the software. I don't even know if it ever got any security vulnerabilities.

Wasabi Sauce

If other methods don't work so well anymore to get you energy (coffee, energy drinks, etc), try wasabi sauce by a spoon. I had a small mountain of the stuff. I was tired before I tried it.

Snow in October

Yeah. It's October. And it snowed today. I don't think this was the first time I've seen it happen (on this part of the planet), but it's still weird and surprising.


I bought a kayak. I'm ready for some fun times!

dpi vs file size

I felt the urge to post this after a way-too-long discussion with someone else about dpi, images, and file size. It seems there was some sort of a misunderstanding, and in retrospect I'm going to guess he was thinking about scanning an image, and I was thinking about saving an image again that had already been scanned.

Long time no see

Yeah, it's been wayy too long since I've posted here. What's up? If you know me, and we don't talk much for whatever reason, my contact info is here, so feel free to try to reach me! I didn't really have much in mind to say in this post. Much has happened since my past post, of course, but most of it is old news by now. I really need to give my personal sites more attention. Anyhow, I'll post back soon!

I'm still around

Hey, I decided to throw something on here just to show that I haven't forgotten about this website. I've been meaning to post all kinds of things since around last May sometime, but I'd keep putting things off and forgetting them. Now I've really forgotten what all was gonna go up here, so I guess I gotta start fresh.

Wine Trip!

Haha, yesterday afternoon, five of us (Myself, Henry, Jeremy, Misty, Misty's Mom) went out to three wineries, and had a great time!

Mother Nature is having mood swings

It was feeling like spring all week. My mom said on Tuesday that we were getting snow Friday, but I couldn't believe it. Temperatures were so high that I was actually willing to go outside without my jacket. People were opening windows at work, and I thought it was pleasantly warm inside. I was welcoming Spring, even though I hadn't gotten as much out of Winter as I really wanted, especially with its late start. Then we get hit with this snow.

Winter's Trying

I wanted to post something when we got the 7 inches or so before, and then I wanted to post something when we got another snow storm last Sunday, and then I wanted to post about the rain that came last Thursday night. Unfortunately, I missed all that, so I'm just going to summarize, I guess. I got new tires in time for everything I just mentioned, so I haven't been having any problems driving in the snow. In fact, it's been kinda fun. Last Sunday, a bunch of us went out to a restaurant despite the snow storm. We even had a snowball fight outside in the parking lot before leaving!

Super Bowl Commercials

On Sunday, I went to a Super Bowl party and probably spent about maybe 5 minutes total watching the tv (ok, maybe 10 minutes at the most). Other than that, I was outside with a huge bonfire! I would have pictures, but I seem to have misplaced my camera. Last night, I went online and caught up on the commercials I missed, and I just decided to comment on some of them.

Winter is finally here

It's like it's been Fall here until just last Friday, when we actually got some snow, and I think it took some ppl by surprise.

Visited my Grandmother

Hi, I'm posting this from within our car right now. I'm heading back home from Pittsburgh. We just visited my grandmother and my aunt and her family.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks

I'm sure most of you know by now that Beth, my sister, was reinstated. Her friend, Amanda, was also announced back in the same night, two weeks ago. That night, I went to Dale's, because they were having a little get-together for Amanda.

Swimming with the Dolphins

No matter how hard I try, I can't get any good pictures of dolphins! (my camera has a waterproof case) It started on Tuesday, when we were on kayaks. We spotted dolphins and started paddling like mad to get to them. It was so cool! They were all around us! But I didn't have my camera! After they passed, I went to shore and ran inside to get my camera, and ran back out and into the kayak. But then it turned out my camera battery was dead!

My Labor Day Weekend

I've been wanting to post about how my weekend went, but I kept putting it off, and now it's Friday! It was a very busy weekend.

New Jersey Wineries

Last weekend, I decided to check out some New Jersey wineries, and had an interesting trip!

I'm back from West Virginia

For the past week, I was down in Wayne County, West Virginia, preaching in unassigned territory. We just drove back up here today. It was a lot of fun, and I've got plenty of stories if I can remember them all. I'm going to have to collect my thoughts and maybe post some here.

God's plans for the future?

I just went out in service today, handing invitations to our Convention. I met a guy who was apparently totally turned off to the bible, and probably anything related to it. His reaction was something like "God's plans for the future?? I'll show you God's plans for the future. I've been to Iraq four times! You guys have no idea what you're talking about. Get out of here." He did take the invitation, which I thought was kinda odd.

The irony of the Fourth of July

I just think it's so ironic that, in celebration of a holiday meant to commemorate the birth of this country, people opt to break the laws of said country and buy lots of huge (illegal) fireworks.

Actually, I wish such laws weren't in place, because I believe that as long as people aren't stupid with fireworks, they should be able to handle them without major issues. Also, I just wanna get at 'em :-P

"The worst he can do is bite you"

I was coming out of the hall after my meeting, and there was a group of people standing just inside the doors like something happened. My mom was one of them, and she told me there was a big dog outside. Then I heard Bro Mason - "The worst he can do is bite you!" Oh, is that it?? Let's all go then!

Waiting on my car

Yeah, my car's getting looked at, and I'm sitting in the waiting room with my laptop, passing the time by. :-P

Lightning is Cool!

Haha, I'm out at the crossings, and there was this really bright flash, followed by the loudest bang! It was so funny seeing everyone's reactions!

I hate being tired

I'm too tired to do anything, but I don't want to sleep. I hate when that happens. Then I was thinking about this site and I realized it's been a while since I've posted here, and as usual, there are lots of things I've been wanting to comment on.

Crazy Programmer

Hey, as usual, I'm posting later than I intend to, and I forgot most of what I wanted to say. I had to do Jury Duty yesterday, and I met someone from Vo-Tech. He didn't know who I was at first, but he thought I looked familiar. When I told him my name, he said "oh, you're that crazy programmer". :-P

Pizza is Good :-P

Well, it looks like i'm visiting a different hall this week. My meeting was moved to yesterday. Unfortunately, my local taxes weren't done, and i wasn't sure if they were already due. So after work, i got stressed out with both, cause the meeting was starting too soon. Eventually, i gave up on both and got a pizza :-P

Dale's Wedding Reception last Saturday

I had to post something on it. I'm sorry I waited this long. It was a lot of fun. Dale has a very interesting family. I was the best man, which was an honor. I just wish I knew more about weddings, and how these things are traditionally done. Weddings are hard! Dale's wedding was small, but his reception was bigger. I'd say it worked out, though, and I'm certain they got memories out of it. It'll be nice if I get pictures in digital format, so I can make a site for them. I took barely any, myself, which is a first. I wish I'd taken some, tho.

It's been too long

Hey, what's up! There isn't too much to say, but I wanted to get something out, because it's been a while. I just went skating and then eating last night.

William Allen High

That's Max's school. He was dancing on stage there. It was really cool! I can see why people go for that sort of thing. The music was good, too. Right now, I'm at a diner down here having lots of fun!

More Fire

I guess the reason why I like to play with fire is a matter of risk vs reward.

SuperBowl Commercials

I actually did not watch the Super Bowl, and it looks like I missed some pretty good commercials. Fortunately, it turns that they're all online anyway:

Welcome to the real new!

Well, I moved from Nucleus to WordPress to Serendipity, and now I think I'm gonna stick with Serendipity. I ran it on my computer here before putting it up to make sure it was exactly what I was looking for.

So yeah, soon I'll have it looking better, and I hope to start posting very regularly.