It was feeling like spring all week. My mom said on Tuesday that we were getting snow Friday, but I couldn't believe it. Temperatures were so high that I was actually willing to go outside without my jacket. People were opening windows at work, and I thought it was pleasantly warm inside. I was welcoming Spring, even though I hadn't gotten as much out of Winter as I really wanted, especially with its late start. Then we get hit with this snow.

I had to double check to be sure. We just had a high of 77 degrees on Wednesday (80 by work). It says the high was 54 degrees on Thursday (62 by work), and it was raining. Thursday night, the rain gave way to snow. We got hit with at least a foot of snow that started Thursday night and continued until last night/morning. Yeah, Mother Nature is having mood swings. Now it's supposed to be cold all weekend.