I wanted to post something when we got the 7 inches or so before, and then I wanted to post something when we got another snow storm last Sunday, and then I wanted to post about the rain that came last Thursday night. Unfortunately, I missed all that, so I'm just going to summarize, I guess. I got new tires in time for everything I just mentioned, so I haven't been having any problems driving in the snow. In fact, it's been kinda fun. Last Sunday, a bunch of us went out to a restaurant despite the snow storm. We even had a snowball fight outside in the parking lot before leaving!

Thursday night's rain didn't seem like much, but maybe I just wasn't out for the best of it. What I was out for was the black ice that came last night. I don't think it was even supposed to get cold enough for the water to refreeze, but it apparently did (must've just been a local thing), as I discovered the hard way - sliding around a curve with my anti-lock brakes rumbling, and seeing at least 3 cars pulled over in front of me. I kept thinking about all the videos online where you see car after car sliding on ice into each other with no way of helping it, and I did not want that happening to me. The entire road was looking wet, so I tried to steer onto the shoulder and onto/against mounds of dirt that were along the side, and that worked - I stopped before hitting anything. After that, I turned around and went home a different way.