This site used to run under Serendipity, which I still think is great for blogs, except I just wasn't engaged. I ended up leaving it stagnant for over a year without even applying any updates to the software. I don't even know if it ever got any security vulnerabilities.

Since I started using Drupal at work, I came to understand it very well (I had to), and I like it a lot, so I decided to fix up my site using it. At least for now, you need to create an account to post comments, or even post to the shoutbox, but you can log in and create the account using credentials you already have on other sites using OpenID. Facebook isn't in yet, but it's coming. However, Google and Yahoo use OpenID so they already work!

Twitter posts should soon be showing up here, and hopefully other things. My goal is not to have to think too much about this site to keep it going. I hope it works!