On Sunday, I went to a Super Bowl party and probably spent about maybe 5 minutes total watching the tv (ok, maybe 10 minutes at the most). Other than that, I was outside with a huge bonfire! I would have pictures, but I seem to have misplaced my camera.

Last night, I went online and caught up on the commercials I missed, and I just decided to comment on some of them. Out of all of them, these were my favorites, along with quotes:
Bud Light - rock paper scissors
"I threw paper"
"I threw a rock!"
Blockbuster - mouse
"Here's the problem. We forgot to plug it in!"
"Don't even think about it!"
CareerBuilder - fighting for the promotion, gladiator style!
"You're a delivery guy, you don't even work here!"
Bud Light - hitchhiker:
"Hey, buddy! What's with the axe?"
"It's uhh....bottle opener."
"Hop in!"

Those four were really good, in my opinion. If you didn't see them, google "super bowl commercials" and check them out. I think AOL might have them at the best quality.

GoDaddy had to do the whole sex appeal thing, but at least it was funny. Though I'm not sure exactly what percentage of the people watching the thing actually knew what it meant to buy a domain name.

I guess I might as well mention the Snickers Mechanics. It was OK. When I saw it, I knew people would complain. Apparently, that commercial's getting retired due to complaints. I think whoever got upset should just calm down and take it at face value - those people weren't and didn't wanna be gay - and they weren't very bright, either, which is what made it halfway funny.

It looks like Chevrolet made one for the women. I didn't like it, but I guess that commercial wasn't meant for me.

There's also the "Federline! Fries!" commercial. I thought it was kinda funny, but I read that the fast food companies didn't like it too much. I had to go back and watch it again just to find out what it was a commercial for (Nationwide?!).

There were other ones that were too boring to mention, and there are some more that actually are halfway worth mentioning, but I'm getting tired. Post any opinions!