No matter how hard I try, I can't get any good pictures of dolphins! (my camera has a waterproof case) It started on Tuesday, when we were on kayaks. We spotted dolphins and started paddling like mad to get to them. It was so cool! They were all around us! But I didn't have my camera! After they passed, I went to shore and ran inside to get my camera, and ran back out and into the kayak. But then it turned out my camera battery was dead!

Then yesterday, Wednesday, I found out there were dolphins, and the kayaks were taken. There actually was one kayak, but no paddle for it. I didn't even think and just ran into the water and swam out, just holding my camera. While I was out there treading water, trying to take pics of any I spotted, I accidently kicked my camera away! So I started yelling to the kayakers, because while the camera does float, it was hard for me to find it from my angle. Once I started doing that, tho, that's when the dolphins came! It was a very mixed blessing. The dolphins were right there with me, but my camera was missing, and I couldn't take pictures. Some surfaced briefly, swimming right toward me, not more than ten feet away (maybe they swam under me). They were all around. Fortunately, Dale Sr found my camera after they all left.

Today, the camera was tethered to my foot. It's too early to tell how things will go, but I did already try this morning. They didn't come nearly as close as the past two days.

So yeah, I was swimming with dolphins, but I have no pictures to show for it...