Last weekend, I decided to check out some New Jersey wineries, and had an interesting trip! I went into New Jersey on 78 and stopped first at Alba Vineyard, then, after getting back on 78, I took 31 south down through Flemington and went right by work. I continued on 31 and hit Amwell Valley Vineyard, Unionville Vineyards, and Hopewell Valley Vineyards. All these vineyards are either on my way from home to work, or from work to my sister's home. I got two wines (a dry red, and a sweet wine) from each of them, except for the last one, where I just got a dry red wine. The highlights include a very good tasting blueberry wine from Alba. Amwell had a port wine that I actually liked. It was much smoother and easier to drink than any ports I remember trying. Unionville had the Cool Foxy Lady, which was an interesting, aptly named sweet wine. Hopewell was an interesting place. It seemed like a place where you can sit and relax, and they were selling wine by the glass. I just enjoyed the wine I got from there last night - the Rosso della Valle 2004.

Hey, if anyone wants to go on a similar trip with me anytime soon, let me know!