Hey, I decided to throw something on here just to show that I haven't forgotten about this website. I've been meaning to post all kinds of things since around last May sometime, but I'd keep putting things off and forgetting them. Now I've really forgotten what all was gonna go up here, so I guess I gotta start fresh.

FrozenRock is...coming..but I'm sure a good percentage of you won't believe it until you see it. I don't blame you. But it is coming...

I'm moving! I got an apartment in Dublin, PA. It's maybe half the distance to work, but since I'll be going slower, my drive to work isn't reduced nearly as much. Still, it is less time, and a more leisurely drive. It puts me a lot closer to my friends down there, and things in general will be closer to home. Hopefully, this all means I'll be spending less on gas. I spend wayy too much now. The area down there seems cool. I'll be closer to a lot of wineries, tho I'll have less spending money for them..

I guess that's it for now. Expect more here later..