Haha, yesterday afternoon, five of us (Myself, Henry, Jeremy, Misty, Misty's Mom) went out to three wineries, and had a great time! I had already gone to all three of them, and I picked them out in particular because they weren't too far, and they all had sweet wines that someone just starting out might like (*ahem*, Misty!). We started out with Cherry Valley (15 mins from home!), then went to Franklin Hill (191 exit off 33), and finished off at Alba (first exit off 78 into New Jersey, head south). So yeah, we started by home and moved south. Fun times! I bought two wines (sparkling blackberry, and a dry red) from the first place, a port-style wine from the second, and three wines from the last one (a dry red, a blueberry, and a very sweet white wine). I think everyone liked Alba Vineyards the most, so it made a fitting end.

I definitely wanna do it again! Anyone who wants to come, let me know!