That's what I just did last Friday evening, and I couldn't make it all the way home! Basically, two hills got in the way. I didn't make it all the way up the first hill, so I started to back down. But the hill wasn't even, so the front end of the car kept sliding over to the left and hitting the embankment. I realized that each time I tried, the car would turn more and more sideways, which was making backing down rather difficult. Then, while sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I saw headlights starting to shine over the top of the hill! Not really knowing what else to do, I honked my horn (something i really don't do often - i had to figure out where on the wheel to press) It was a pickup truck, and it stopped before coming down the hill, which was good. At that point, i figured out what to do - I put the car in reverse and gunned it, so the front pivoted all the way around, and the car was facing back down - then I got out of there.

After taking different roads and getting around the first hill, I couldn't make it up the second one, and there was no getting around it. So I asked a nice neighbor if I could leave my car in his driveway, and I walked the rest of the way, happy to not have to drive on those roads anymore. At that point, I didn't mind the walk.

Hey, leave comments if you had trouble driving in the snow Friday!