I've been wanting to post about how my weekend went, but I kept putting it off, and now it's Friday! It was a very busy weekend.

Saturday morning, just before noon, I decided to go to the West End Fair despite the rain. I hadn't been there all week, and it was the last day. I figured there wouldn't be a lot of people because of the rain, but I wanted to check it out. Sure enough, the parking lot was basically a muddy pond. I found a relatively dry spot in the grass, and I was gonna park there, but when I got out, the ground felt softer than I wanted it to be. I imagined that my car would just sink while I walked away. So I got back in it, drove it to the black top, and pulled over there. I was literally driving in mud. My car probably would've been stuck if I stopped moving for just an instant. After walking in, most of the vendors were closed, which wasn't a surprise. The parking lot had been practically empty, and it was still raining. Eventually, they announced that they were closing early at 1!

Saturday afternoon, I took pictures at Shavon and Joel's wedding. I'll be making a website for them with my pictures. Unfortunately, my camera battery ran dead in the middle of the reception, and I had forgotten the charger, so I'm going to have to get some pictures from others.

Sunday, I went to my meeting in the morning, and I spent the afternoon with Charles Elam. He was in the area from New York. Henry joined up with us while we tried to go to Waterloo village because there was supposed to be lots of wine to taste for the weekend. Unfortunately, we got there too late. In order to make sure the trip wasn't a total waste, we went to a winery in New Jersey that I knew would be open, and just tasted what they had. After that, Henry went home because he was tired, and I went to the bar at Ruby Tuesday's with Charles. We finished off the night with a visit to Josh and Jamela's.

Monday, I decided to take a two and a half hour drive to a mall at State College so I can get some Schwartzbeeren, a really good tasting sweet desert wine offered by Winery at Wilcox. I bought a case of wine for the first time there. Then in the evening, I met up with Henry, Ron, and Renee in Quakertown.

Definitely a fun weekend. And this weekend might be at least just as busy!